Love your Gut

5 Ways to improve your gut health.

1. Eat the right foods.

The average person’s fibre intake is 40 to 50 percent of what it should be. A balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables provides the fibre that builds good bacteria and gut health.

Other foods that build a healthy digestive system include kefir, yoghurt and fermented or pickled foods (such as kimchi, sauerkraut and pickled ginger).

You can also supplement with probiotics in more acute cases

2. Move more.

As with other aspects of health, exercise is the best way to lose weight and maintain a healthy body weight to chase off digestive system problems.

3. Get more sleep.

Not getting enough sleep is linked to a higher prevalence of obesity, which sets you up for digestive system disorders. Get in those zzz’s to help you stress less and help your body recover from the day. Especially your gut.

4. Manage stress.

Reducing stress is fundamental to reducing heartburn. “There’s no magic diet that works.” Try relaxation therapies along with other distraction techniques. 

You may find some stress-relieving products here and here.

5. Get help for issues like anxiety and depression.

Mood and digestive system health (especially disorders like irritable bowel syndrome) are closely linked via the brain-gut connection. If you are suffering from these conditions please seek help. Everyone needs help sometimes.

We at Complete nutrition are big advocates for mental wellness above all else. We recommend speaking to a professional before trying to seek relief via supplements.

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